About Us

Dr Jack LeDonne

Jack LeDonne, MD, FACS, VA-BC was the Director of Vascular Access at Greater Baltimore Medical Center, in Baltimore, MD, where he noticed a steady stream of SNF and home-based patients coming to the Emergency Department in need of IV access and related support.

Founded in 2013 to address the need for on-site clinical interventions, the StatPoint team has seen over 50,000+ patients while steadily expanding use-cases and interventional offerings.

StatPoint Medical’s mission is to keep patients out of the hospital. Patients are more comfortable at home & costs are lower.

Dr Jack LeDonne, StatPoint Medical
StatPoint Medical Telehealth

Lack of timely diagnostics is a critical gap in home-based care. StatPoint can intervene in hours, but the days it takes to get test results forces patients into the ER.

To its suite of interventional services, StatPoint has added telemedicine consultation, diagnostic tests, assessments, and real-time telehealth.

The StatPoint name means speed. Using algorithms honed in clinical practice, we get results in hours, not days, allowing providers to make informed decisions.