Frequently Asked Questions

When your doctor needs more information than they can get over the phone, they call StatPoint.  Our Registered Nurses perform a set of tests and assessments, then we share the results with your doctor in real-time via a telemedicine link.  With this information, your doctor can make a better diagnosis and treatment decision.

The StatPoint team consists of Registered Nurses with advanced degrees, certifications, and training, supported by our Director of Nursing and Medical Director.

Our Patient Care Coordinators will call you to confirm the name and arrival time of our Registered Nurse.  If you provide us with your contact information, we can also text and email updates, reports, and further information.

We use protocols, assessments, and tests commonly used in the ER or at an Urgent Care; things like interviews, physical exams, vital signs, lung sounds, EKG’s, and blood tests.

No. If you are sick, you should call your current provider. If they feel you need our service, your provider will contact us.

We typically arrive in 2 hours or less; our Patient Care Coordinators will provide you with an exact time of arrival. 

We specialize in chronic conditions like CHF, COPD, asthma, diabetes, hypertension and diabetes. 

We agree!  Our team will set up a secure link to your doctor from your home, where we will share the results of our assessments and tests.  Your doctor will make the treatment decisions.

We will send a complete report to your provider, who will follow up with you for further treatment, if necessary. 

We can provide services for a flat fee of $300 per visit, paid with credit card upon referral.  Remember, your doctor must contact us first, we do not currently accept direct referrals from patients.