Telemedicine Consultation Services in Baltimore, MD

What is Telemedicine Consultation and Why Call for a Telemedicine Doctor?​

Telemedicine consultation offers patients remote medical care.  Telemedicine allows patients unable to travel to a physician’s office convenient and less expensive access  to medical care. Telehealth encompasses various types of treatment options from teleconsulting through video calls, remote patient monitoring, and mobile health. 

At StatPoint Medical, our telemedicine doctors are ready to treat and assess the patients in the comfort of their homes at lower costs. Statpoint is also known for rapid response and assessment with more than 55,000 rapid mobile visits in Maryland, DC, NoVA since 2013 while steadily expanding use-cases and interventional offerings.

How Can We Help?

Dr Jack LeDonne, StatPoint Medical

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Our Telemedicine Doctor in Action

Dr. Jack LeDonne’s mission is to address the need for on-site clinical intervention. He wants to solve the lack of timely diagnostics in home-based care by generating results in an actionable timeframe. We save our patients’ inconvenience and lessen the costs for emergency visits through our telemedicine doctor’s rapid response.

Statpoint’s Telemedicine doctors rule out a patient’s serious complications immediately so they can continue recovering at home especially if they are unable to travel to a local hospital.

What will you benefit from our telemedicine consultation services?

Statpoint Medical telemedicine physicians meet patients within three hours of requests for medical care. We have developed protocols for in-home care of patients who would otherwise be hospitalized.

Patients utilizing our emergency telemedicine services, receive fast, expert home-based healthcare.  Our physicians obtain results in hours to make informed treatment decisions.

Statpoint Medical partners with Payers, ACOs, Hospitals, and SNFs to supplement telemedicine with in-home physical assessments & diagnostic test results. 

Telemedicine reduces unnecessary and unreimbursed emergency visits to hospitals and physicians that save our partners 50% or more in medical costs. 

StatPoint Medical Team

StatPoint Medical Telemedicine Services in Baltimore, MD Include:

  • Quick patient assessment of vital signs, D-Level RN Assessment, ECG, Echo, Bladder Scan, Rapid UTI, Glucose, and COVID/Flu/Strep/RSV
  • Physical assessments & diagnostic test results in less than 3 hours.
  • In-Home Interventions of CVC/PICC/Midline/Peripheral IV, Foley Catheter, Suprapubic Catheter, Temporary Catheterization, Blood Transfusion, First Dose Antibiotics, First Dose IV Antibiotics, and Hydration. 
  • Ongoing care and 24/7 Remote Patient Monitoring with medication compliance, voiding trials, diagnosis-specific plans, proactive population health, patient and family education
  • Customized EMR in-house with provided tools and workflows to enable rapid service as well as episodic care plans lasting 100 days or more.  
  • Fast patient care coordinators who confirm every appointment and provide 24/7 support.

Telemedicine Consultation Services in Baltimore, MD

We bring the best and fastest telemedicine consultation services anywhere in Baltimore, Maryland, and DC. You can contact us here right now or dial +804 657 STAT for more information about our telehealth services.