Tick Tock Telemedicine

We work with Payers, ACOs, Hospitals and SNFs to supplement telemedicine with in-home physical assessments & diagnostic test results in <3 hours.  By giving providers actionable data, we reduce unnecessary and unreimbursed ER visits.   

Rapid Mobile Visits in Maryland, DC, NoVA Since 2013

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Hospital At Home

Across more than a dozen conditions, StatPoint team has developed protocols to treat patients in-home who would otherwise be hospitalized; patients prefer it, and our partners save 50% or more in total spend.  CHF, COPD, ESRD, UTI, Osteo/Cellulitis, Migraine, and dehydration are just a few of the conditions we can treat.

“Why does it take 2 days to get home care set up?”   

Faster & Safer Discharges

CMS mandates home care agencies must see the patient within 48 hours of their arrival home.   Typically, care doesn’t start until the 72-96 hour mark. 

Complex patients can’t wait that long, which is why many “boomerang” back to the hospital within 48 hours. StatPoint meets the patient at home within 3 hours, and can begin care immediately.

EMR Customized for the Home

We customized our EMR in-house, with tools and workflows to enable rapid service as well as episodic care plans lasting 100 days or more.  Our Patient Care Coordinators confirm every appointment and provide 24/7 support. 

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